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A-Jon Supply caters to both the large and small contractors as well as the homeowner. Our large fleet of trucks allows us to keep everyone satisfied. The small 1 1/2 yard and 3 1/2 yard trucks are perfect for homeowners in residential areas. We also provide dump truck and sweeper/vacuum truck rentals.

Looking for a ready-mix concrete supplier in Delaware or Chester Counties? A-Jon Construction has been in the concrete business since the 1960s with reliable and professional services. Ready-mix concrete is a type of concrete that is made according to a specific recipe and then sent to a work site by truck-mounted transit mixers. There are many different varieties of ready-mix concrete depending on the customers’ needs and applications.

Ready-mix is prepared at a concrete plant using computer-controlled precision and then delivered by a cement truck in the ready-to-be-poured form to a construction site. Our ready-mix consists of Portland cement, aggregates, and water. Ready-mix is made up of precise amounts of these materials; different measurements of which can create varying effects which allow unique mixes to be created for specialized jobs.


All scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis, to ensure that your concrete is delivered in a timely manner. At A-Jon Supply, our top priority is to deliver the best quality ready-mix concrete in a timely manner and at a fair and affordable price.

Customer Service. You will find that here at A-Jon Supply it is the people that make the difference. Always helpful and attentive, our knowledgeable staff works at one common goal; Customer Service.