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Special Hauling Tasks for Dump Trucks

If you’re a general contractor for housing and landscape development, a commercial property owner, or a homeowner with short-term requirements for transporting materials, let us offer you our best line-up of power dump trucks to fulfill your needs.

Dump Truck Rentals

Note: Our rentals are Truck and Driver only.

In any business that requires carrying and transporting loose materials, a dump truck becomes the most practical to use. It serves more utilitarian functions than other vehicles of the same size. It is the most hard-working type of transportation that is not only used for loading and transporting construction materials, such as cement, gravel, sand, and other aggregates.

As any construction company will vouch, there are certain circumstances when it makes more sense to consider dump truck rentals rather than buy either a brand new or used unit. Trust A-Jon Supply to know this. Being in the construction business since 1970, our service is tailored to serve both large and small contractors with occasional needs for dump trucks or an extra dumper to boost hauling needs for their specific projects.

Excellent Customer Service within Your Reach

Enjoy the advantage of dealing with a family-owned-and-operated company such as A-Jon Supply. We etch our reputation with versatility and dependability to ensure that we deliver only the best quality service in a timely manner within your budget. Call us at (610) 328-7128 or visit our facilities at 719 Old Marple Road, Springfield. Our friendly staff will assist you through and work out the most ideal package for dump truck rentals suitable for your short-term needs.


All scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis, to ensure that your concrete is delivered in a timely manner. At A-Jon Supply, our top priority is to deliver the best quality ready-mix concrete in a timely manner and at a fair and affordable price.

Customer Service. You will find that here at A-Jon Supply it is the people that make the difference. Always helpful and attentive, our knowledgeable staff works at one common goal; Customer Service.