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A-Jon Construction serves a variety of customers

John Schivito, owner of A-Jon Construction of Springfield, PA, along with his sons John, Jr. (23) and Nick (21) have carved out a niche market for his family owned business in the suburban Philadelphia and the Delaware County area. A-Jon Construction, located on Old Marple Road, has operated from this location for more than 35 years. The company has become known for a number of construction products and services that include ready-mix concrete for jobs both large and small, concrete cutting and paving services, asphalt paving material and concrete and asphalt recycling to provide sub-base material for contractors. As Schivito likes to say, “No job is too small!”

We have three onsite, tri-axle volumetric mixing trucks. Those are great for the do it yourselfers. We keep one here at a permanent location so that we can have a fresh mix when we need it for the small job people who pick concrete up in their own vehicle. Their small dump trucks can back right up below the mixer’s chute and we can fill them up quickly with fresh concrete.

About our Company

For nearly 50 years, A-JON Construction of Springfield, PA, has worked diligently to meet the needs of a niche market of smaller contractors and landscapers by providing them with quality concrete and paving material. Our business has grown steadily over the years to become a quality supplier of concrete, recycled products, dump truck rentals, mulch and landscaping soils throughout the Delaware County area.

Today, A-JON operates two facilities, the original location where his ready mix plant is located and the newer recycling facility, which he opened about three years ago. This eight acre site is devoted exclusively to recycling unwanted, yet valuable materials into important products for contractors and landscapers. His lineup includes recycling and processing RAP and concrete into asphalt paving material and aggregate for fill and sub-base material while excavated clean soil is screened for clean dirt and topsoil products as well. At the same time, yard waste is ground into mulch, all of which is screened with a McCloskey 621 tracked trommel, with the finer material saved as compost for their soil products while the bulk of the ground wood is kept for mulch, much of which is reground to produce a high quality natural mulch product.



All scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis, to ensure that your concrete is delivered in a timely manner. At A-Jon Supply, our top priority is to deliver the best quality ready-mix concrete in a timely manner and at a fair and affordable price.

Customer Service. You will find that here at A-Jon Supply it is the people that make the difference. Always helpful and attentive, our knowledgeable staff works at one common goal; Customer Service.